OUYA: Installing 3rd Party Apps/APKs (the easy way)

Unfortunately, OUYA does not come with Google Play. This makes sense, as it would directly compete with OUYA's own app store. Additionally, a majority of the Google Play Apps most likely will not interface smoothly with the use of only a controller. Every article/how-to I've found to date involves installing the Android Development Kit, enabling USB debugging, connecting your PC to the OUYA (via USB), and pushing the desired Android App/APK through the command line. There's a MUCH easier way, which involves the use of OUYA's built-in web browser. I'll also offer up a few alternatives to the Google Play Store (which is NOT supported) as well as we few additional apps you'll never be able to live without.

General Workflow

The process of downloading and installing a third-party app onto your OUYA console will be pretty similar across the board.

Open the OUYA Web Browser

  1. Power on your OUYA Console
  2. Highlight MAKE and press the O Button.
  3. Highlight SOFTWARE and press the O Button.
  4. Highlight Browser (should be the only option if you haven't installed any 3rd-party apps yet) and press the O Button.

Download Your App/APK

Once you've gained access to the Web Browser, you have the ability to navigate across the internet, downloading whatever APKs you desire. Here are a few quick notes regarding web browsing:
  • Pressing the Y Button opens up the Location Bar, allowing you to enter in a URL/web site address.
  • Forms can be a pain to fill out, sometimes you can't even highlight the form element you're attempting to enter information into.
  • The browser is a bit unstable so don't be surprised if it randomly crashes from time to time.
  • Downloads can be difficult to track. When a download begins, you get a notification which quickly disappears. I haven't found a way to track the progress of a download yet.
  • To exit the browser, press and hold the (U) Button, located in the middle of the controller.

Install Your App/APK

After you've downloaded an APK, you need to install it:
  • From the main OUYA menu, highlight MANAGE and press the O Button.
  • Highlight SYSTEM and press the O Button.
  • Highlight ADVANCED and press the O Button.
  • Under the "DEVICE" section, highlight Storage and press the O Button.
  • Highlight Downloads and press the O Button.
  • A pop-up will display anything you've downloaded through the web browser. Highlight the app you wish to install and click the O Button.
  • In the following screen, scroll down to the bottom, highlight Install, and press the O Button.

Accessing Your App/APK

To access any 3rd-party apps you've installed, they'll be added to the same menu which you used to access the Web Browser initially:
  1. From the main OUYA menu, highlight MAKE and press the O Button.
  2. Highlight SOFTWARE and press the O Button.
  3. Highlight the app you wish to open and press the O Button.

Suggested 3rd Party Apps

Firefox Mobile

  • Direct the Web Browser to: https://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/mobile/releases/latest/android/multi/
  • Download the file named fennec-version.multi.android-arm.apk ... As of the writing of this post, the exact file name was: fennec-21.0.multi.android-arm.apk


  • Direct the Web Browser to: http://xbmc.org/download/
  • Highlight Android and press the O Button.
  • As of the writing of this post, the APK's URL was: http://mirrors.xbmc.org/releases/android/xbmc-12.2-Frodo-armeabi-v7a.apk


  • Direct the Web Browser to: http://www.androiddrawer.com/9048/download-netflix-2-1-2-app-apk/
  • On the right side of the page, press the button labeled Download Netflix 2.1.2.apk
  • An overlay will be displayed, press either Mirror button and the download will begin.

3rd-Party App Stores

As far as I am aware, none of these app stores contain adult content.

Amazon App Store

  • To download the app, direct your browser to: http://www.amazon.com/getappstore

F-Droid Market

  • Direct download link: Direct your browser to: http://f-droid.org/FDroid.apk

SlideME Market

  • To download the app, direct your browser to:

Opera Market (no app, web site only)

  • To access the web-based app store, direct your browser to: http://m.android-all.apps.opera.com/en_us/

5 Responses to “OUYA: Installing 3rd Party Apps/APKs (the easy way)”

  1. Matthew the frog says:

    This guide helped me. I hope this information is useful:

    I have side-loaded some of my apps using the Amazon App Store.
    These have worked for me: Accuweather, Audible.
    Fail to work: Pandora, Weather America Radio, The Weather Channel, Weather HD for Tablets

    I installed some APKs from AndriodDrawer.com:
    These worked for me: News Republic (3.0.3), Weather (2.2)
    Failed to work: Weather: Local Firecast, Radar (2.0.5), RadarNow! (4.2)


  2. Joshua Burns says:

    I wouldn't doubt if the reason Pandora didn't work was related to Flash not being installed.

  3. Matthew the frog says:

    Other sources http://ouyaforum.com/showthread.php?2466-List-of-Side-Loaded-Games-Apps-That-work-on-OUYA report that Pandora works fine. However, there was a Firmware Update June 11th. I have not installed Flash or AIR from Adobe.

    I am able to listen to TuneIn Application for radio stations while playing some games (and browsing the store) which has been interesting.

    XBMC 12.2 has not been working terribly well for me yet (DVD and BD ISO files over SMB)


  4. hacktron says:

    You can get lots of apps for Ouya on http://apkapps.com

  5. Lennox says:


    I installed it, I was able to launched the program. However I am getting, "Authentication Problem" I can browse through the problems etc. I just cannot get into any channels or settings.

    How do I fix the "Authentication Problem"? I believe that's where the problem is.


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